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Terri Nicholson

Now a Canadian citizen, Terri Nicholson was born in Ketchikan, Alaska, before moving with her family to Washington State when she was five. Terri later immigrated to Canada when she was thirteen. She spent her impressionable 'teen years on a cattle ranch in the British Columbia Interior and this solidified a love of nature and the environment. She spent many hours hiking in the wilderness with only a trusted dog at her side observing the scenery and wildlife that surrounded her home.

A few years after graduation, she moved to Vancouver, where she discovered photography. Exploring the beach, the parks, or even her back yard became an adventure in creativity as she strived to capture the wonder of the world around her. Along with photography, travel became an ardent hobby and her photo albums became a "must see" to friends and family.

Terri strives to show mood and emotion in her images. In most cases, Terri uses natural lighting whenever possible to capture a sense of wonder in her world, sometimes finding that serendipity is her best friend.

You can contact Terri at:

Phone: 250-546-2800
Cell: 250-540-0930
Email: terricn28@gmail.com